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Listen live to my chat on Weddings, Parties, Celebrations with Kate White and Kayley Harris:

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Updated: Jan 24, 2018

Hear me on 2GB Radio discussing the launch of unique weddings!


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I believe the most important part of creating your big day is finding the right celebrant. Not because they're in the spot light a whole lot (because if done right they aren't!)... but because they set the tone for the day.

The right celebrant is not just a person who can talk well, engage a crowd and perform weddings... the right celebrant can translate the journey of the couple and mark the significance of this new life they've created as a married couple.

It's really easy with all the stress of planning a wedding to under-think the celebrant you chose. When it comes to a wedding ceremony, you don't want it compromised by someone who didn't take the time and effort to understand your story. You want a celebrant that wants to share your story with all its beautiful quirks and uniqueness and tailor make YOUR DAY.

The top 5 characteristics everyone should look for in a celebrant:

  • Interest in you as a couple - Make sure they are asking you the right questions. If they're not getting to know you, your story, and the love you share - they won't be able to have this come through on your special day

  • Knowledge of ceremony - Want to have your grandmother participate in your wedding? A good celebrant will find the perfect way to include her - it's what we do!

  • No fuss - The best celebrants take care of the minor details with ease making it all as simple as possible.

  • Energy balance - An adaptable celebrant will be able to control their energy with what works for you and what works for your ceremony.... They will calm the groom while he's nervously waiting, they will bring laughter to the day at just the right time, and know when to step back and let the special moments shine.

  • Love for what they do - This translates more than anything. Most celebrants I've met love what they do, and it's easy to tell. We love what we do so you can love your day too!

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